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In this NEW workshop series Joe Newbert will share a roadmap of practices and pivots you can make to activate stakeholder engagement, defeat analysis paralysis and win at eliciting requirements virtually.

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Meet Joe Newbert, your guide in this workshop.ining Officer

Hello! I’m Joe Newbert, and I'll be your guide inside this workshop.

Over the last 20 years, I’ve performed business analysis, on-site, off-site, on-shore, off-shore, across countries, across continents, every which way you can imagine.

And I’m going to reveal to you what are hands down the best practices and pivots you need to put in place to elicit (and document) requirements virtually, on a shoemakers budget.

Elicit and document requirements virtually

If you want a meaningful, engaging, stakeholder-focused approach towards establishing requirements - if you want to escape the frustrations of mindlessly filling in 'one-size-fits-all' templates from top to bottom - then technique-driven elicitation is the way to go.

That's why I've created the Virtual Requirements Elicitation workshop.

What is Virtual Requirements Elicitation?

Virtual Requirements Elicitation is an online workshop consisting of video lessons, worksheets and exercises. The workshop contains step-by-step, proven, no-nonsense advice to walk you through my entire process for starting from scratch to documenting what you've discovered.

The workshop modules cover 3 key areas of virtual requirements elicitation success:

  • Key core and supplementary investigation techniques you can use
  • My actual requirements elicitation roadmap visualised
  • Available online resources and tools, that match the job at hand

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